Build a Wall

Two highly skilled floor merchandisers building a compelling wall story.  Organization and visual synergy are key.

Unlike the current political environment where the phrase, “build a wall” is meant to keep people out, in the world of retail, a well built wall invites consumers to visit. Regardless of a channel, there is a clear message, with product organized in a orderly and inspiring manner that can be visually pleasing (color, print, pattern, season), logically pleasing (screw size and length, board sizes, curtain rods) and in many cases both.

  • Physical stores have tables, windows, walls and fixtures, intentionally positioned to make the tour through the floors exciting for the consumer and fruitful for the business.
  • Catalogs have spreads and pagination, with a science to space, positioning and pricing relationships.  Every spread tells a story.  Much like a wall.  The catalogs can be direct mail, online or both.  The customer can hop online, on the phone or go snail mail to order.
  • In the world of ecommerce, that wall is the home page, the banners, the product hierarchy, the landing pages, the product pages etc.  All use some version of magic and logic to entice the customer to keep clicking and ultimately convert to many purchases.  The more enticing the journey, the better the metrics.

The important truth to remember is to build your best wall. Broadcast your best stories.  Keep them fresh.  The customers will visit and keep returning for the ease and entertainment of your experience.




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