Beginning with the first step.

My first steps into the world of merchandising were gradual:  making doll clothes at 7, knitting  at 8, crewel embroidery at 10 and continually adding to my creative skills right through today.  Add to that a love of numbers which reinforces the productivity (or not) of the visual imagery, and you have datalovesinstinct.com.  In this world of formulas, we can’t lose sight of the initial instincts which started the trends and created the demand that analysis allows us to maximize.  Without the light bulb moment, the formulas are stuck in a circular reference which ultimately leads down the drain.  This is my lifetime quest.  A collaboration of creativity and rules to inspire the consumer and grow profitable businesses.

If we are to make reality endurable, we must all nourish a fantasy or two.  – Marcel Proust

Rainbow in action

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